“Professional and personal!  The perfect combination.  Stephanie makes you feel confident and special.  Not only is she very personable and likeable, but she has great experience and expertise.  She answers all of my questions, recommends wonderful products, and provides expert beauty tips just because!  She is helping me shape and maintain my eyebrows specific to the structure of my face.  I give Stephanie my highest recommendations for anyone needing skincare or waxing services.  She’s wonderful, y’all!”
– Tiffanie W.

“Stephanie’s fun and knows what she’s doing!  A friend of mine had eyelash extensions applied by Stephanie.  I was mesmerized – she instantly looked so fab.  (She’s gorgeous already, but this really amped up her look.)  I made an appointment and didn’t know what to expect.  The process is intimate – someone is leaning over you applying lashes one at a time.  And, the person who you want to be doing that is Stephanie.  She’s sweet and makes you feel at home.  She’s funny, so you’re not bored.  And, she totally knows what she’s doing!”
– Sarah R.

“Stephanie is the BEST!  I had never thought much of facials until I was given one by Stephanie!  And, now I am counting down the days until I book my next facial with her.  My face is visibly glowing and smooth to the touch, not only immediately after the facial, but for days to come.  I have never noticed such a difference in my skin after a facial until I experienced one of Stephanie’s facials.  She gives great advice on any problems/concerns that you may have with your skin.  The best!”
– Chelsea A.

“Superb experience!  Stephanie did a wonderful job giving me a facial.  My face hasn’t looked this good in a very long time.  In addition, I asked her if she could shape and tint my eyebrows – she more than willingly did so and they are perfect!  Highly recommend Stephanie and her services!!”
– Ginny R.

“Perfect customization.  Stephanie always gives you exactly what you need.  She is great at assessing your skin’s current condition, she never works on auto pilot, and always gives you the perfect treatment so that you leave with your skin looking and feeling a million times better than when you arrived.”
– T.S.

“Visiting the Beauty Fairy.  Stephanie is a PRO.  She made my face as soft and supple as a baby’s and got my barely-there brows and lashes to pop with a little dye job.  I’ve been getting compliments all week, and it’s all her fault.  She’s your gal for all of your facial beautifying needs ….”
– Francesca H.

“Stephanie is awesome!  Always friendly and fun.  Stephanie has a knack for knowing just what needs to be taken care of.  She’s so awesome, you hardly even feel the pain of the wax ripping your hairs out.”
– Lisa B.

“Stephanie is sooo good at doing my bushy male eyebrows.  She makes them look very clean and defined by still masculine.  I highly recommend her to everyone.”
– Justin L.

“Stephanie is extremely personable and at the same time a true professional.  Her office is CLEAN, relaxing, and her Brazilian wax took maybe 10 minutes and was virtually painless (what wax is free of all pain?!)!  I will certainly go back and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone… as long as there is always an appointment time available for me… hee hee!  Thank you, Stephanie!”
– Linden V.

“So happy to have found Stephanie! Stephanie is wonderful!!  She is great at what she does and is very service-oriented.  I haven’t found anyone in Central Austin as good at threading as she is, and the other services she offers are also fantastic.”
– R.S.

“Your Face Fairy.  When you need some aesthetic attention, you need it.  And, chances are that if you’ve let your brows grow into topiary, then you skin is the Sahara, you’re working on sideburns, and a MOvember stash.  So, how wonderful to have Stephanie swoop in like a little facial fairy and “bling” take care of everything.  I don’t even bother to book for anything specific – I let her do what must be done!  Excellent pricing, and the attention and peaceful setting, and her absolutely charming giggle = priceless.”_
– Laura C.

“I got a Brazilian from Stephanie just the other day and, as you all know, this service can sometimes be a little grueling.  However, Stephanie is one of the most experienced estheticians in Austin!  She is so sweet and makes the service a breeze for me.  I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Ericka K.

“Great customer service!  The web site is user friendly and I loved the electronic appointment reminders.  I was able to reschedule and receive a follow up response immediately and hassle-free!”
– Veronica F.

“Stephanie was referred to me by one of my closest friends, my skin was breaking out and behaving really badly. Stephanie spent time talking with me about my skin problems and the facial I received really helped! I would recommend her to anyone!!!”
– Erin H.

“I love Stephanie! She does a great job waxing and tinting my eyebrows, the best in town for skill and price in my opinion. She also has a cute little space and is very personable. I have been going to her for years and wouldn’t go to anyone else.”
– Chelsea R.

“Stephanie is an amazing esthetician. She really understands skin and listens to your concerns. Her eyebrow threading is awesome, and her facials are AMAZING! Stephanie is very down to Earth and professional. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment for a facial ASAP!”
– Nicole A.

“Stephanie is the absolute best. She’s the only person in town I trust to do my eyebrows! Convenient location very close to West Campus!”
– Caroline T.

“I love Stephanie! She respects my naturally beautiful brows and never overdoes it when she’s shaping them. Always efficient and friendly and very professional. Her office is immaculate and stylish and super conveniently located in the heart of Austin. Do yourself a favor and get an appointment with her ASAP!”
– Lizzie T.

“Excellent facial, super relaxing. I’ve already recommended Stephanie to several people. She’s so awesome!”
– Chris S.