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Lauren and I went last Saturday for a little shopping trip to the Pro MAC makeup counter. She and I have been friends for a good time and this trip should have probably happened a long time ago. I’m going to lay out the essential makeup pieces she acquired on our shopping trip that she had never owned before.
Liquid Foundation: This is key in any ones makeup kit. I usually like a lighter foundation for the winter time and a darker foundation for the summer. Yes, I always have 2. BECAUSE… You can blend them for the shades you are in between! Her foundation that we found at MAC was the pro long wear foundation, which is the one I personally wear and use on my brides.
This is not the only good foundation out there!! And you don’t always have to have liquid but she has dryer skin and needs the moisture to make it look silky smooth.
Concealer: this for me is a must! It’s the highlighter that you always see on Pinterest, where they look like tiger stripes or camouflage. Well when it’s blended, it can transform your face in a way that’s very subtle. It has the ability to conceal the things you don’t want seen! We chose the studio finish with SPF 35.
Eye shadow basics: you have to have a highlighter color. Usually a light color that will compliment your skin tone. A blending color that will be like the beat of a song, you don’t always notice it but it’s leading the song. This color will be the glue that brings your shadows together and keeps them nice and blended! A dark crease color, this will deepen the dimension of your eye and it will give it more drama. Although this color is not always needed, it can give your look that extra pop. And a color on the lid. This color can be complimentary with your eyes and skin tone. This will separate your crease color to your lid, giving the eye this highlight will make your eyes look bigger. She chose embark, expensive pink and cork.
A waterproof or smudge proof eyeliner pencil: there are certainly a million ways to wear makeup but a good liner that doesn’t move is a MUST! To make your liner longer wearing add a dark or black eye shadow powder on over with an eye liner brush. We got Lauren the black brilliance fluid eye pencil. I do also love the Benefit cosmetics waterproof eyeliner as well!
Lipstick: while you don’t have to get the Pro long wear lip color Lauren got, it does help to have something that lasts longer than lunchtime. There are stain lip colors that are really nice and a plethora of colors and varieties.
Blush: although I couldn’t talk my good friend into a blush because she has a natural hue already in her cheeks, I do fully support having a blush. A great bronze is another fabulous tool that work really well together! Even a light pink will warm the face.
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